Gracen Johnson is a very quick study.

gracen johns the quick study
Gracen’s diagram of what can get built under her local zoning code.

I got an opportunity to work with Gracen Johnson during the recent Kalamazoo Small Developer Boot Camp.  I was already pretty clear on the fact that she is an exceptionally bright person, but I had no idea what a quick study she is on new technical skills.

She shot some video while I was pulling together diagrams boiling down the zoning code that used for the Edison Neighborhood of Kalamazoo.  We had a chat about how zoning codes typically work.  She said the video would be helpful as she practiced some of this stuff.

Last week she posted a blog on the website.  Wow.  She absorbed a lot of technical stuff and made it much more accessible.  The photo above is Gracen’s diagram of one of the zoning categories in her town of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Gracen Johnson’s wonderful recent blog post

I recommend following Gracen on Twitter and keeping track of her adventures.  She is a genuine talent.  She cares  about people and cities. I can’t begin to imagine what she will be learning and doing in the coming years.  Gracen’s Twitter